North East Chemicals

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Digest odour causing soils such as urine, vomit & faeces..


Alum Klenz

Cleans stainless steel, brass, and other brite metals...


Auto Dish Liquid

Automatic dishwasher detergent for the catering industry...


Auto Dish Rinse

Used in conjunction with auto-dish liquid to promote rapid drying & sterilising results...



A Colourless, odourless and non-staining sterilising detergent with quaternary bactericidal action. ..



A concentrated acid cleaner / sanitiser can be diluted with water for general cleaning of toilets, w..



Dilutable deodoriser for removing unpleasant odours...


Buster – Drain Opener

Concentrated liquid drain clearing product to blast through all organic obstructions in minutes...



Cleans and whitens oil soaked concrete floors. Will also deodorise and remove urine stains etc...



Industrial strength hypochlorite bleach. 10% available chlorine for powerful sterilising and cleanin..


Citrus Disinfectant

Concentrated disinfectant with pleasant fragrance for cleaning and sanitising. More versatile than n..


Dish – Klenz

High active neutral detergent for hand dish washing and general janitorial use...



Emulsifiable degreaser/ deodoriser. Environmentally friendly based on natural materials...



A safe and natural way to control odours and disperse grease and organic matter in drains, grease tr..


Extraquat – 10

A very strong non selective sanitiser, kills all germs...


Floor Ceal

Polyurethane floor sealer water, oil and chemical resistant Colours, clear, red and grey...



Highly concentrated deodoriser and masking agent. Ideal for sewage plants, drains, abattoirs and ref..



Safe non-toxic flocculent drain clearing product for removing silt, mud, leaves or other particle bl..


Fresh Peach

Air freshener with a beautiful peach fragrance...


Germ Guard

Bactericidal liquid cleanser. An odourless skin cleanser for the medical, food manufacturer and cate..


Glaze 1

Ultra - high gloss floor polish. Polymer emulsion polish dry bright diamond hard shine, non-slip, dr..


Glaze 4

Metallised polish remover. Quickly breaks down metal crosslinks in polish. Strips all polishes from ..



Versatile skin cleanser and all over body wash. With pleasant orange fragrance and no solvents...


Graffiti Remover

Water soluble heavy duty graffiti / paint remover...



A waterless hand cleaner for the mobile engineer...



A heavy duty adhesive for all surfaces in a handy aerosol...


Lemi – Gel

Fresh fragrance in a gel form. Bactericidal cleaner for floors, walls and paintwork. Machine buffabl..



A skin cleansing gel based on natural citrus oils with glycerine which means it is very effective a..



Economy pressure cleaning additive. Use for all hot and cold pressure washing of vehicles, plant and..


Multi – Klenz

Strong multi purpose amphyoturic degreaser, food safe, biodegradable, water soluble and cleans most ..


Multi – Klenz Spring Fresh

Strong multi purpose amphyoturic degreaser, citrus fragrance, biodegradable, water soluble and clean..


Odour Fresh

Pleasantly fragranced germicidal liquid cleanser for toilets and washrooms. Safe on most surfaces...



Food safe acid scale remover. No odour removes scale, rust, calcium deposits...


Pine Klenz

Highly concentrated disinfected fluid for all general cleaning and sanitising needs...



Specialist hand cleanser for removal of the most stubborn contamination. Removes paint, ink, resin a..