North-East Chemicals Ltd were established in 1990. We supply specialty-chemical products throughout the UK, including de-greasers, safe solvents, eco-friendly cleaners and drain cleaners.

We pride ourselves on a professional and friendly service, with updated health & safety information on all of our products.

Our new website is currently being built but we are still open for business. Contact us at

Germicidal cleaner and degreaser supplied in hand sprayer for quick & easy use (people, animal & foo..
Granular de-icer. Modern, clean and effective method of clearing snow and ice. No mess or corrosion ..
Peach fragrance all in one germicidal toilet cleaner. Cleans, descales, kills germs and controls odo..
All in one germicidal toilet cleaner. Cleans, descales, kills germs and controls odours. ..
Superb Slip lubricant for clean areas. Great high shine polish for wood and plastics...
A bottle additive to keep windscreens clear of oil, grease and grime to prevent winter freeze up...
A replacement for chlorinated hydrocarbon solvents. Safesolve is an electrical components cleaner an..
A powerful clinging oven cleaner & carbon remover. ..
The ultimate maintenance spray. Water repellent, lubricates, penetrates, and protects...
Ultra glass and mirror cleaner. Leaves a streak free surface...

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